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Advancing Veterinary Social Work and the Human Animal Bond.
Championing veterinary business in the Next Economy.

Cherished Pets

Founded in 2015, what began as a dream to support pets and vulnerable people has evolved into a ground- breaking service attracting global attention. Our vision is a world where the human-animal bond creates and contributes to the development of connected and healthy individuals and communities.

Veterinary Social Work

In response to the latest research and community needs, Dr Lissi and the Cherished Pets team are implementing a ground-breaking Veterinary Social Work service across the veterinary and health sectors to enable widespread benefits to people and pets.

Wins & Achievements

World’s First BCorp Veterinarian

Cherished Pets is proud to be the world’s first certified BCorporation veterinary company. Our practice provides access to affordable services for eligible people, with profit redirected as a funding stream for our charitable partner, the Cherished Pets Foundation.

HABRI Certified Practice

We offer a human animal bond-centred service through all life phases as Australia’s first Human Animal Bond Certified (HABRI) practice. Our model builds capability in vulnerable people to keep their pets healthy and together with them for the long term.

Leading Critical Advocacy Work

Dr Lissi has proudly participated in the Lucy’s Project Advisory Committee, One Welfare Phoenix Global Working Party on Pets & Domestic Violence, IAHAIO Global Subcommittee and City of Greater Geelong Ageing Well Committee.

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“As a qualified veterinary and a dedicated leader in Veterinary Social Work, Alicia uses the ecological model and human-animal bond inclusive practice. She deeply understands and recognises the importance of human animal bond and uses contemporary evidence and practices to work together on practical, collaborative and agile solutions.”

“Alicia brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise in grief from the loss of an animal, compassion fatigue in the animal service field, and the link between animal abuse and domestic & family violence. She supports professionals/services to build capability and raise awareness in the resources, tools and support available.”

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