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Bringing life to death

I spent this Wintery afternoon nestled with my cat and zooming in on the Australian Veterinary Palliative Care conference. A fabulous line up of wonderful speakers across a diverse range of topics that collectively make up this space of end of pet life care. This is a space where I feel I come in toContinue reading “Bringing life to death”

I am exactly where I belong

This year you will find me studying one day a week, deeply and meaningfully, as I embark on my Mastery of Business & Empathy. I have never been a more enthusiastic student than I am now, thirsty for the teachings, ready for the ride. I’ve spent this past weekend immersed in the Prologue weekend intensiveContinue reading “I am exactly where I belong”

A social hearted vet’s perspective on this COVID19 life

Friday 20th March 2020 It’s been a week of hand sanitizer, social distancing and official responses. Policy, protocols, processes. (As you know, these are a few of my favourite things). Communications and reviews. Precautions. Preparation. Triage. Risk assessment. Change. Uncertainty. Change. Our inboxes have been flooded with COVID19 updates and responses from every company. ReadContinue reading “A social hearted vet’s perspective on this COVID19 life”

Wisdom of our Elder Women

This International Women’s Day I am honouring the women I have met through our Cherished Pets Community Project since we began in 2015. I have been blessed to connect with some extraordinary women, who have lived seemingly ordinary lives. And yet each one of them has become a hero to me with Her own storyContinue reading “Wisdom of our Elder Women”


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